Friday, June 18, 2010


Today is my last day for attending the kursus asas prasekolah which is sponsor by the government. The school is very quite, everything are so nice, comfortable and we love the environment so much.
Until this incident happen. This remind the teachers to always take care of the children's safety, and I would like to share this article with all the parents.
About 10.30 this morning, after our breakfast in the school canteen, we went up to our classroom. While we are walking, we realised the bushes at the back of the school are moving. OMG! this give us the shock of life, there was a naked man standing behind the bushes, FULLY NAKED!
We ran off to the security and informed them about this, the security called the police and the police came over, they tried to catch the man.
Unfortunately, the man successfully escape, and also we realised he is not pendatang asing but he is a man who purposely take off his clothes as we saw him taking his clothes when the security and the policeman are chasing on him. Besides, the security only realised that the gate was cut by the man and if we don't realised about the naked man, he will come over thru the gate and get in to the school. Parents, can we imagine what will happen if the man get over to the school?
I cannot imagine if this guy who come over naked and go into girls toilet. Children are in dangerous, really hope the gate will be repair before school re-open and the naked man will get caught by the policeman soon.

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