Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Maria Montessori

I think Maria Montessori is a mother of all children. No offence, but yes. I personally think so, even i am the mother of a 9 months old baby.
As a mother, i know how hard it is, how tired to take care of children? However, Maria Montessori believe that all children can take care of themselves if they are giving freedom of choice, time to practice, space to practice the material/ activities h/she needs or wants to.
But do you (as a mother) will let your 2.5-3 years old children tie his or her own shoe lace? or will you let your 2 years old children serve the plate when meal time? Will you let your own children feed themselves while they are eating slowly?
I guess the answer would be no no no?
Before i know Montessori, my thinking is also same like Every mother, don't let the children walk around, the world are not safe out there. Or don't let the children helps in kitchen, it is dangerous. Unfortunately, this kind of attitude might not help the children, but children will lose their confidence, or it could be more worst. How can he/ she exercise his or her hands eyes coordination if everything also not allow but only allow to watch television in the living room.
Maria Montessori create/ making all the materials to help the children. Her materials are benificial. Until now, we are still using her method In all Montessori School.
Eventhough not many parents can totally accept Montessori method in Malaysia, but its really prove that children who had studied in Montessori School can learn faster rather than the children who are not. I said so because i had observed this when i was taught in my 1st Montessori School. The children who studied 2 years in montessori school ( who actually only 3 years old) can actually do a 6 years old children mathematic calculation.
Amazing ya?? So i really must salute to Dr Maria Montessori, who is brave and intelligent. She helps the children to learn through the easy ways. I am sure one day my girl will be getting some benifits through Montessori apparatus when she is time for school.

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