Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How children learn in the easy way?

Parents might wonder:" How can my children learning without using books?"
Montessori School can do this compares to traditional/ common kindergarten.
Let me tell you how?
Montessori Apparatus are very powerful, they can attract children to touch, feel, smell, hear or even hold them. In other words, Montessori apparatus take cares of children senses.
Children will be attracting by Montessori apparatus because the colours of the apparatus are sharp. Children can easily take and work with the apparatus because they are light. Children can
learn through Montessori apparatus because they will have fun when they are working on them. Example as below:
I remember when i was in my nursery year, i never learn 100/1000 in mathematics, even if the school taught, i will become so confused on the calculation. However, in Montessori school children learn 100/1000 in their age of 4-4.5 by using the Montessori apparatus. The golden beads of 1000 is create in the square, big square. all in gold colour and when children hold the golden beads, they can feel the weight of 1/10/100/1000. By touching and holding the beads, they can differentiate the unit/ ten/hundred and thousand according to the weight of the beads.
they can even count by using the beads.
Maybe you might want to try out this amazing power in your nearest Montessori school?
Check it out?

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