Saturday, August 29, 2009

New term

After a long holiday, the school re-open again.

Most of my students who reach their 3 years old will be moving to 3 years old class which is is in-charge by another aunty( Montessori directress didn't give a name of teacher in this school) and they get to learn something new in the new area.

For me, i get few of the new students who come in for the 1st day, as usual... the children cry for mummies... well, montessori materials are always the good subject to caught their attention. They will be stop looking for their mummies after they started to pay attention to the materials.

I realised they like pouring activities soooo much, they will pour and pour, again and again until they think that's enough. It's doesn't matter because this is also one way of practice, good for their hands and eyes coordination. Maybe they can also help out for housework one day.

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