Monday, June 22, 2009


Montessori encourage children to work byself, in order for the children to work byself, every sets of apparatus in montessori school have control of error.
Unfortunately, not all the "subject" can be fix by control of error, the "subject" that i talk about is art. Art is so subjective, the artist who produce the art work might think he/her art is the pretty, so do we as a parents, we would never think our children art works are not nice, not pretty, even we don't really understand on what he/she is drawing.
Unfortunately, most of the schools are not really display children's art work on the art board, but they only showing what have been touch up by the teachers/montessori directress. Some even worst, the art works that used to display on the board is teachers/montessori directress's work.
Parents, give me some opinions, do you like to see the children art work or the one that have been touch up by the teachers/montessori directress? Do you like to see children's art work or teachers/montessori directress' s work?
Montessori School owner, what would you do if the teachers are doing children's art work? will you trying to stop her or let her carry on? Then what is the purpose of setting up montessori school?
Remember, Montessori always encourage independent!

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