Tuesday, November 3, 2009

English Language Reading Program

Children nowadays are smart, unfortunately when parents are too busy to take care of their own children, the "kakak" will be the one who need to take the responsible to take care of those little "angles", even in charge of their lesson too.
So as a teacher, i think of giving them the program called English Language Reading Program in order for them to read more, learn more. I know some of them might be wondering:" what is that regarding to?" I would said, this is a program that same like reward program. Children will learn/do revision for the wording that they used to learn during their lesson. If they can read out the word, loud and clear, they will get 1 mark for each word, the highest mark child will get a present. Of course, the children which are not doing well will also get the present as consolation prize. Yes, the children love this program very much, i think this would encourage them to read more.
Here, i would like to wish :"Congratulation to all winners!"
The photos are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winner with their teachers, also included the group photos from the children who take part in the contest.

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