Friday, February 12, 2010


How can a child take care of his/herself and others when he/she only 1.5 years old?
Well, you might be impressed with Maria Montessori way of teaching.
Practical life- in short we always call it as PL, is one way to train the child to take care of he/himself and also taking care of others.

PL include:
Changing shoes
Dressing frame, dress up by themselves even the shirt is on zip, Velcro, button etc.
Self clean (hair, teeth etc)
Toilet train
The activities above are about care of self.

Grace and Courtesy
Table manners
The activities above are about Social skills.

Opening and closing
Cutting and pasting
These activities will help children to develop their fine motor skills

Dusting and sweeping
use of peg, washing up
Scrubbing table,
care of garden, pet
Those activities are about care of environment

You will realized that the child is not only know about the knowledge on taking care of self/ others, but the child will also understand what is the responsibility he/she should bear after using the utensils or after using the table for example.
So those are what i am doing with my 19 months daughter... not only that but also my "babies" in school.

Attached with the photos, you all can check out how much they like about this activities. the concentration they have when they are doing those activities are amazing, this can proof that children can really learn with those Montessori apparatus. So check out more about Montessori Apparatus in all Montessori center, or the Educational Games shops, you will be impress with your child development.

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