Friday, May 15, 2009

Montessori School

To enrol your children to Montessori School, you do not have to wait until she is 4/5 years old. Just send he/she in 2 years old, you will be suprise when you see he/she learn alot of things in Montessori Environment.
He/she might come home one day and show you how he/she can button his/her own shirt, or maybe tying his/her own shoe lace, or wiping table after dinner time and alot more activities that he/she will do to suprise you.
Besides, do you think a 2 years old children can socialize well? The answer more likely is no. But in Montessori Environment, children learn on how to become more socialize. He/she will sharing toys with each other, "communicate" with each others rather than quarrel/ fighthing. This is because the Montessori teacher will help out the children to know each others, to love each others.
Each set of Montessori Apparatus is having a magic power too. Children learn to share because there is no other sets of the same apparatus for them to use on, if they want to use the particular apparatus, they should wait. Once the children finished using the particular apparatus, he/she will put the apparatus back to the shelf and the children who are waiting willtake their turn, walk to the shelf to take that particular apparatus. Of course, the children who are waiting just now must return the apparatus they are using (while waiting) to the original place before taking the apparatus that they have been waiting for. In other word, Children also learn discipline and order in Montessori Environment.
Overall, Dr Maria Montesori had create an easy way for the children to learn more

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